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Massage today?

Would you like to enjoy a massage in the next few days, including today?
Please contact us by telephone:

  • Poznan +48 727 905 296
  • Cracow +48 531 905 965

When booking a massage at a later date, booking a few massages or in the absence of the possibility of a phone call, please use the on-line booking form given below.

If you intend to use invitations, voucher or discount coupon, you will need to enter the security code or serial number along with your data, by sending an SMS to the phone number indicated above or by filling out the form below.

Please read the rules of reservation services in the salon Thai Smile.

Reservation form

The form includes reservations for 1-2 people. For more people, fill in the field Comments.

Date year - month - day
Preferred hours:
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First name
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Contact phone:
Forma płatności
Voucher number
Yes, I have read reservation policy and accept them..

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