How to prepare for thai massage?

You are taking massage for the first time?

Perhaps you have’ve got some questions? At first read the massage restrictions, if any of it occur, please change your massage date for later one, 24h or longer before the massage starts. If you don’t, all your vouchers will be treated as used. Prepare for thai massage is very important if you want to get maximum benefits.

Massage day

  • Eat something 1h before massage at the latest, eat some fresh fruits or collation
  • Drink more tea or water, avoid coffee, don’t drink alcohol
  • Make some home-stretching – made before massage reduce pain after it

Wear some comfortable clothes and flat footwear. If you don’t have time to change clothes after work, at least wear smaller heels. Don’t forget to wrap up long hair, its especially important if you are going to take oil massage, so it won`t touch aroma oils.

After arriving to Thai Smile

  • Try to calm down, leave all everyday matters behind spa door
  • Give the receptionist voucher/discount coupon if you use it
  • Tell us what you expect from massage
  • Show points which should be treated with more than usual care
  • Please turn off or at least mute your cellphone
  • Every massage starts with feet cleaning, so don’t be shy.

When coming in to the massage room, be prepared to twilight, Asian music and oriental aroma. Change clothes to the one prepared by us, but stay with your lower underwear. We concern about your comfort, so body parts which are not massaged at the moment are covered up. Please remove all jewelry or watch, you can put it to the small container next to the bed near yourself. Next lay down and cover yourself with towel. Masseur will come when you are ready.

During the massage

  • Above all try to calm down, don’t think about job or responsibilities
  • Breath – if you can`t take your breath, focus on masseur movements and breath out when she is pressing
  • Traditional thai massage is very intense, close to the pain and pleasure at the same time – if you have many muscle problems, pain is always present, but if it`s too strong, please inform the masseur
  • Tell us if you feel it`s too cold/hot in the room

After first traditional thai massage you can feel some muscle pain, which should disappear in few hours. You can feel it because of the stretching your muscles, supply of blood at massaged points or nerve irritation.

If pain has softened but not disappeared or you have very active way of living, it`s appropriate to repeat massage after 3 days

After massage

  • Oils and balms used by us are usually absorbed by your skin completely before end of massage, so you don’t need to worry about your clothes
  • Our massage clothes, towels or one-time underwear please leave on the floor
  • We encourage you to try out our matoom tea, which is traditionally given after thai massage
  • If you want to tip masseur, please leave money in small box at the reception desk

While your visit in Thai Smile we ask you to stay quiet if it`s possible. We cannot mute outside sounds, but we do our best to assure, that noise won’t interrupt your massage.

We will be really grateful, if you`ll leave a customer review about our spa at our website or any social media profile. It`s absolutely motivating our masseuses.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

We will definitely answer!

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