Christmas in Thailand

When we think about Christmas we often see a landscape covered snow, but did you know that a tropical climate is not a problem to celebrate Christmas in Thailand? In spite of the fact that over 90% of the population are Buddhists, the Christmas are also celebrated by the Thais because of the concept of “sanuk” every reason to celebrate and  fun with family is good! Religious meaning is not important to them, however, from year to year, these holidays are becoming more important in the context of a family atmosphere, mutual kindness and inner spiritual balance and silence.

In Thailand there are no reindeer, but there are … elephants, and some times also tigers, that are dressed up in Santa Claus costumes and participate in the celebrations. In schools, boys dress up as Santa Clauses and and girls dress up as angels, sing Christmas songs, dress the Christmas tree and exchange gifts. City streets are filled with Christmas decorations – lights, Christmas trees, reindeer, snowmen and more … In front of shopping malls appear a giant Christmas trees.

This year, at the end of November, Thailand set a new Guinness record – 852 students aged between 6-15 years, dressed in green, brown and red, formed the largest human Christmas tree. Details of the film..

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